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Fundamental rules

The current document was created in accordance with the international law and business practice norms.

Only those persons, who reached the age of majority, are entitled to be a client of Grand Quality.
Registration procedure is required for each Grand Quality client.
You agree to Grand Quality terms when becoming its customer.

Please carefully read the current terms of use before using the Website.

The current Website’s goal is to provide you with the general information about Grand Quality. The current Website terms will help you to use related products and services. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE CURRENT WEBSITE, IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS. We are entitled to change the current terms.

  • Right to use the website

    • The current website is available to users, who are entitled to sign a contract. You represent and warrant when using the current website, that you have reached the age of majority and have the legal competence to sign a contract with us and you must avoid using our website, if you do not meet the current requirements.
  • Investment rules

    • Each deposit is deemed a private transaction between Grand Quality and its client.
    • All the clients process all financial transactions at their sole discretion and at their own risk. The deposit amount and term are determined individually by each client according to the investment plans.
    • The interest rate depends on the investment amount, investment plan and deposit term.
    • The client is entitled to open the only account for each IP/device. Please contact us in advance at [email protected], if you would like to open another account. If a new account is opened, the old one will be closed.
  • Rules changing procedure

    • • Grand Quality administration is entitled to make changes to the current document without the investors’ consent.
    • • Grand Quality administration will inform the customers of all the changes by publishing a notice on the company's website.
    • Changes to the current Terms come into force from once the information is published on the website, unless otherwise provided in the text.
  • Customer service and support

    • • Each client is entitled to get any additional information in our support service.
    • • The client is entitled to contact our support service through our support form or in another way, convenient for him.
    • • The customer agrees to behave politely with our support team and follow the instructions to avoid negative situations.
  • Risk disclosure

    • The current notice goal is to warn about possible losses, related to transactions in the financial markets.
    • There are systemic risks in the financial market, which reflect socio-political and economic conditions and related to a particular financial market tool.
    • The main systemic risks list includes political risk, risk of unfavorable (from the business conditions point of view) changes in legislation, macroeconomic risks (sharp national currency devaluation, government debt market crisis, banking crisis, currency crisis, etc.). Systemic risks include force majeure circumstances as well.
    • Besides there are financial risks - real damage and lost profits risks, arising when implementing financial transactions due to the possible adverse effect of several market factors on them. The financial risks likelihood is usually higher than systemic ones. There are distinguished the following financial risks types:
    • 1. Currency risk. Purchasing power will change depending on exchange rates changes, if the currency, used for the main expenses and the currency, used for investment, do not match.
    • 2. Liquidity risk is deemed financial losses risk within financial tools sale, related to their sale issues at an affordable price, for example, with a quick funds withdrawal from the financial market (portfolio liquidation).
    • 3. Price risk is deemed the unexpected changes risk in the financial tools prices, which may result in the portfolio value decrease as well as profitability or even direct losses decrease as well. Transaction order fulfillment in the financial market is not always possible on the terms, specified in it due to the dynamic change of such transactions parameters in trading systems, primarily due to the price volatility.
    • 4. Issuer bankruptcy risk is deemed the risk, related to the probability of the security issuer insolvency, which may result in a sharp price decrease (up to a complete liquidity loss) for such a security (in the case of shares) or the inability to pay it off (in t case of debt securities papers).
    • 5. The illegal actions risk regarding the investor's property and the investor's rights, protected by the law on third parties’ behalf, including the issuer, registrar and other persons, the financial market infrastructure consists of.
    • 6. Technical risk is deemed the risk, related to the probability of losses due to poor-quality or unfair obligations performance by financial market participants, engaged in making settlements. «Grand Quality» makes every effort to protect the Client from the current risk. Nevertheless, the Client is independently responsible for all possible adverse consequences of a transaction, which may manifest itself in the rights to securities re-registration delays, payment delays, counterparty’s refusal to fulfill the transaction terms without a reason admissible by the agreement terms and other reasons as well.
    • 7. When the Client submits orders (requests) to «Grand Quality», there is a risk of rejection of the orders (requests) or the risk of non-execution of orders (requests) due to the impossibility of registration or restriction, imposed by the trade organizer, of registration of «Grand Quality» clients’ orders due to the third parties’ actions on the orders placement in the trading system, including by «Grand Quality» clients’ actions.
    • 8. It may be required to change the portfolio structure by selling some assets and purchasing others, which requires the existing assets sale and freeing up funds when dealing with the financial tools. The Client may suffer from certain profit losses or even direct losses in the period from the funds release date until new assets purchase date due to unfavorable changes of the financial tool price, refinancing rate, exchange rate, etc.
  • Other disclaimers and limitations of liability

    • The current website may contain the links to other websites, which are not subject to our control. You acknowledge and agree to the fact, that we are neither responsible for the content of any such linked website, nor for any loss or damage, arising due to your use of them.
    • We are not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or expense.
    • The current clause (and any other clause, which excludes or limits our liability) is applied to our officers, subcontractors, agents and affiliates and ourselves as well.